Why Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Coaching

Written by Siobhan Clarke

I’ve been spending some time considering the role of coaching in the entrepreneur journey – something that I feel we’ll come back to on an ongoing basis.  We’re seeing more experience of coaches within the start up and scaling journey.  

This particular Forbes article by Colin Campbell – serial Entrepreneur highlights the crucial role that coaching plays in the success of entrepreneurs. It emphasizes the benefits of having a coach to provide guidance, support, and accountability. 

Colin emphasizes that coaching is not just for beginners, but is equally important for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to refine their strategies and navigate challenges effectively. The article provides insights into how coaching can enhance decision-making, boost confidence, and accelerate business growth. It encourages entrepreneurs to consider incorporating coaching into their professional development toolkit for sustained success.

The question I’m mulling over is the balance between the use of an expert, an advisor and a coach…what’s been your experience across that spectrum? 

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