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Why Does this Book Matter?

There are no set rules on how to succeed in building and then scaling your startup. However, we believe that there are universal lessons that every successful founder has to learn.

This wisdom is usually accumulated the hard way – doing something, failing at it, learning from it and then repeating the cycle. In this book we share these experiences so that you can get a head start!

Andrius Sutas

founder, Product Manager

Andrius is one of the founders and CEO of AimBrain, acquired by the market leader in the space at that time. Over the years, he tried many approaches to starting and scaling a startup that didn’t work and, with Siobhan’s help, a few that did.

Siobhan Clarke

Non-Exec Director, Board Advisor and Coach

With a 20 year career across 3 continents (London, Singapore and San Francisco) in scale ups, venture capital and large enterprise across software, hardware and Energy, Siobhan brings together the hard work of front line sales with the analytical insight of investing and the coaching gained from working as a Non Executive Director with Founders and CEOs. 

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