Why does this book matter?

There are no set rules on how to succeed in building and then scaling your startup.

However, we believe that there are universal lessons that every successful founder has to learn.

This wisdom is usually accumulated the hard way – doing something, failing at it, learning from it and then repeating the cycle.

In this book we share these experiences so that you can get a head start!

Praise for the founder handbook

The great thing Siobhan and Andrius are offering founders with this book is lessons that work in practice – this is not theoretical, it’s from the school of hard knocks.

Paul mcnabb, Co Managing Partner at Episode 1 Ventures

In 10 years of B2B investing every initial conversation with a startup entrepreneur distils down to the belief that “if we build a better product they will come” – they don’t. When this reality becomes general knowledge inside of the startup team then this is where this book steps in – a practical, grounded and structured grand insight on how to get the sales traction to the A round.

John Straw, Senior Advisor – McKinsey and Company

This book is an engaging and entertaining read – and one that packs a huge amount of hard-won wisdom into a relatively small space. Any founder will find their daunting journey a little easier having read this. One of the most valuable gifts to give anyone charting a course through uncertainty is a set of great questions to ask of yourself and others – Siobhan and Andrius more than deliver on this front.

Stephen Cook, Managing Partner at Bp launchpad

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Authors who have done it themselves

Andrius SutasFounder

Andrius is one of the founders and CEO of AimBrain, acquired by the market leader in the space at that time. Over the years, he tried many approaches to starting and scaling a startup that didn’t work and, with Siobhan’s help, a few that did.

Siobhan ClarkeInvestor, Sales Executive

Siobhan is an operating partner at BP Launchpad, investing in and scaling energy companies. She has past experience in sales and strategy roles in startups and big tech. Her expertise lies in finding the value exchange and getting the right things done.

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