Why do you even have an introduction?

Over the upcoming weeks, we’re sharing a summary of each of the chapters from the Founder Handbook – how to get to your first 10 Enterprise customers.  A weekly digest of learning and action. Of course, you can always download a pdf copy the full book through the following link https://thefounderhandbook.org/

This weeks section covers the introduction, effectively setting the scene for the way to read and leverage the learnings from the handbook. Through out the book, we focused on capturing the insights as real and raw as we experienced them.

Introduction: Setting the scene

On the outside, most companies and startups look polished, but the truth is, internally they are usually an absolute mess.
  • There are no set rules on how to succeed in startups.
  • Most startups internally are a shitshow.
  • ‘A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.’
  • Building and scaling anything means that we’re all in sales.
  • The Sales journey is one taken by customer and vendor together and involves shared knowledge and a bespoke approach
  • Assumptive bias is real – what you think you know about the market usually turns out to be false

One question from us

What assumptive bias could blindside your success?