Why do startups fail?

Another week, another chapter from The Founder HandBook – this time Chapter 1 – a short chapter with some punchy insights on why startups fail. We pulled the reasons – thanks to Crunchbase…over the next few weeks of sharing insights, we’ll outline how be less wrong….and get to success.

  • Focus on being ‘less wrong’ rather than ‘right’
    • ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’
    • Never full picture – rapid planning based on customer feedback and iteration
    • goal is not to go for the right answer, but rather to minimise the wrong choices while learning.
  • Failure to pivot / no financing / run out of time / failed expansion / poor marketing / poor sales execution / no market need, are only manifestation/outcome of poor business dev (i.e. not understanding your customers).

One question from us

What challenges do you have ahead that could lead to failure?